Cat Approved

A few years ago (before I left for Korea, so more like five or more) I was very into making throw pillows to use up my scrap yarns. One of my favorite pillows was crocheted and used up three different yarns, not counting what I used to sew the sides together. When I moved into my new place at the beginning of this year, I brought all these pillows with me as well as a huge bed-sized blanket that I’d knit out of LionBrand homespun. Since it was winter, and Vermont winters are disgustingly cold, this big, multi-squared and colorful blanket went on the top of my bed and I immediately noticed something that has kept me perpetually amused; Jabberwock loves to happy-paw my knit and crochet items. He would go nuts for the blanket on the bed, and he immediately claimed the green throw pillow as his own, knocking it off the chair I set it on down to the floor, and pushing it over to his chosen corner. No matter how often I’d move it back to the chair, I’d always find it back on the floor with a big orange and white cat perched on top of it. So I gave up trying to claim ownership.

I’ve been meaning to film Jabberwock happy-pawing the pillow for quite awhile, but my camera was never close by when he’d start, and as soon as I’d get up to go get it, he would hop up and follow me.

Whenever he’s finished, he is so blissed out and chill, and just starts purring (a feat in itself, because he’s not a big purrer.) My knitting and crocheting is cat-approved!

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