Blast From the Past Wednesdays

This idea has been rolling around and lounging in my head for a few days now, as most of them do before anything is made of them: Blast From the Past Wednesdays. There are so many things that I’ve knit or crochet and never written about, or even taken a photo of for one reason or another. Some things are tops, and I hate take selfies of tops; the angles are just awkward and wrong and the sweater/shirt never looks right, and I don’t have a mannequin to drape things over. Others were experiments that turned out well and which I still use, wear and love. So now I’ve decided that every Wednesday will feature an item from the past which I haven’t written about; some of the items will be years old (it’ll be fun to see photos from when they were first finished and from how they look today (for the projects that I initially took photos of)), and others might just be a few months old.

Ok, first installment of BFPW (what a weird looking acronym!)

This scarf has no name, but this is a scarf I am immensely proud of; it’s the first scarf I made that wasn’t all garter rows, and the first item I knit using a stitchionary, not a pattern. So, it’s the first item that I designed all on my own! This was finished back in February of 2009, my first winter in Korea.

Falling Leaves: 2009

Detail of Falling Leaves: 2009

Ridiculously long scarves that could be wrapped around the neck and which still dragged on the ground used to be all I would make. Row after row of garter stitch, and then fringe sewn on the end. With this scarf, I wanted something different, something more delicate. Now, I’m not such a huge fan of scarves, but this is still one of my winter go-to’s. It’s cozy and well-worn. Today, it shows a little bit of wear and tear, but it’s snuggly and warm.

Falling Leaves: 2013

Excuse the poor lighting! I really wanted to be able to post tonight

Falling Leaves: 2013

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