Puffs of Hexi

They’re tiny. They’re cute. They’re addictive. It’s impossible to make just one in a sitting. Hexipuffs! I’m late to the bandwagon, but after organizing (somewhat) my craft room last weekend and all the drawers of my desk, tons of scrap yarn was uncovered. I’ve been side-eyeing the beekeeper quilt for awhile, after hearing so much about the hexipuffs that make it up. After finding oodles of scrap yarn in my attempt to be organized,  I started making the puffs. And kept going. And going. And going. All in all it was 3am on a Sunday night/Monday morning when, bleary eyed and foggy brained, my needles were put down. And there were 7 beautiful little squishy hexipuffs and one half puff.

And it starts…

Work the next day was not fun because of the extreme sleepiness, but that didn’t stop me. Last night the hexipuff craze continued, and by the time the night was over, there were 4 more completed puffs and one needing stuffing and sewing closed.

Enter, green!

These little puffs are something that I’m enjoying knitting immensely, a bit to the detriment of the other projects that I have going. As so many others have lauded, they’re quick and easy, and there’s such a sense of accomplishment upon finishing one. The construction is pretty much a toe up sock, which is then immediately decreased. Knitting toes is one of my favorite parts of toe-up sock knitting, so these are incredibly fun. They’re also a bit mindless, which is wonderful when stressed and you just need a soothing, uncomplicated project to work on. I’m sure once I’ve made more, the fascination with them will fade off a bit, and by that point I imagine they’ll be nice to work on when frustrated with other projects.

I’m knitting these on two circulars, with a magic eight cast-on, just as I do with toe-up socks. My sides are all 1 1/2″ long, and since I plan on using many different weights of yarn to make this quilt, figuring out how many stitches to cast on to get that 1 1/2″ will be the only slightly finicky part of the project.  To close the puffs, I’m kitchenering with a knitting needle, as described by techknitter here, because grafting with a needle makes no sense to me. This method, using knits and purls to close up the seam makes much more sense. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll join the puffs as I go, or if I’ll wait until I have a larger amount and more color variation.

Can’t wait until there’s a big, amazing, squishy blanket on my bed!

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3 responses to “Puffs of Hexi

      • Um … way too long. I did get one approximately right sized cushion tied together but it needs a little fine-tuning (maybe 2 puffs removed) and then ties added, with which to tie it to the chair. And then the other cushions made.

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