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It has been several months since my last post, but in that time my needles and hooks have not been idle. There have been several projects that I’ve been working on and I wanted to share two of them today. This is a sweater that I’ve been working on/designing for awhile. It’s worked from sleeve to sleeve and then the body will be picked up under the bust and knit down in the round. Sadly though, I miscalculated translating my gauge swatch into the pattern. After blocking the top portion, the sleeves were several inches too long. I hoped that with seaming and picking up for the body that some of the problem would be fixed, but alas, no such luck. So I’ll be ripping out, shortening the ribbed cuffs and the sleeves and doing a few modifications on the neckline, which ended up a bit wider than I would have liked. Overall, I really like this design though and hope that it works out. The past few days I have been sick with a nasty cold and confined to bed, which I hate; it’s boring. This afternoon, I started to feel a bit better and went for a short walk down to the lake. The sun is finally starting to come out and it’s beginning to warm up a bit in Vermont. My intent was to sit on the above bench and knit, but the bench is next to the lake, and the lake is still frozen. The wind coming off the lake chilled my fingers too much to be able to knit. Here is the project I was hoping to work on by the lake up close. It’s going to be a skirt and I’m hoping that I do not run out before it’s large enough to wrap around my hips. When blocked, this late pattern really opens up and I’m counting on that to add length and width to the skirt; if it’s still too short after that, I might add a purl band across the bottom of the skirt in a contrasting color; somewhere in my stash is a skein of really nice undyed wool that I think would go well with the reddish-orange hue of the skein I’m using now. The skirt is worked side to side with short-row panels. It’s based off of Carnaby, which was one of my favorite projects to knit (for a friend). Happy yarning!

3 responses to “Recent Projects

  1. welcome back! Glad it is still wintry somewhere else in the world, here in Maine the sun is bright, but the air is cold! I like the skirt, I have been wanting to knit one for sometime, so have been wandering around Ravelry in search of the perfect one. I’ll be paying attention as you go forward with this one!

  2. Thank you :)

    I’m really liking how the skirt is turning out so far; Carnaby is a fun and simple skirt to knit, and I’m having fun adapting the principles behind it in this one. I highly recommend the pattern!

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