Hanging Projects

I love things that hang from the ceiling. There never seems to be enough floor space; I’m constantly tripping over things and the cats. My clumsy self is also pretty good at knocking things over and breaking them, so things that hang from the ceiling feel like a nice solution (hey, I’m also short, so I don’t need to worry about bumping my head into anything). When decorating, my mind tends to get stuck in thinking from the floor up and then the room seems so bottom heavy instead of balanced; thinking about decorating from the top down as well makes me think more creatively; it’s more fun. There are two hanging projects that I wanted to share. One, I finished awhile ago, and the other was made today.

The overhead lights in my apartment are ugly: square, boring, frosted glass ugly, and they’d been bothering me for several months, especially the one in the living room (which is the one most often on). Then I remembered that during college, I draped a sarong underneath the ugly fluorescent light in my dorm room, and its awfulness was made better. I no longer own any sarongs, but what I do have heaps of is yarn, needles, and hooks. Last year, I bought a tunisian crochet hook which hadn’t seen much use, so I decided to give it some more action in this project, and set out to make a covering for my ugly overhead light. The yarn I used was Sugar’ n Cream, which is a cotton and comes in lots of colors. The variegated hues in this one are reminiscent of the ocean, which always makes me happy. Playing with the tunisian crochet hook and stitches, I love it! It works up so quickly, and becomes a great instant gratification sort of project, which can be quite necessary when many projects I make are done on small knitting needles and take longer than forever to complete. For the covering, I did 6 rows of tunisian simple crochet, and then 4 rows of tunisian double crochet, repeat! Then added a simple border around it. I really like the lace-i-ness of this project, which lets just enough light through.

My next project utilized neither hooks nor needles, just hands and some yarn. Before I get too far into it, I need to fess up to something. I love plants. I love them. A ridiculous amount. There are two types of stores that are near impossible for me to enter without leaving with something: yarn shops and plant nurseries.

Some of my plants; where they reside has now changed. The tree is now in the dining room and a blue table has taken its place with plants on top of it, and the small plant stand is in front of a different window. The windowsills are now also full of more plants.

And this love of plants goes back to my first problem mentioned today: floor space. First, I ran out of window ledge space. Then I ran out of floor space in front of the windows to put plants. So I’ve been trying to find furniture that can be moved to places that will provide my plants with enough sunlight; I’m sick of it. As mentioned earlier, I’m also a clutz and cannot count the number of plants that I have knocked off windowsills, plants stands and tables, thus breaking their pots (the cats have not broken or damaged a single plant or plant pot. I, on the other hand, well, uncountable.) I like hanging things. I like plants that hang. But! I hate most of the hanging pots I’ve seen. They’re ugly and don’t hang down far enough; the plants are all the way up at the top of the ceiling and I’m stuck looking at the bottom of an ugly plant hanger. For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about how to craft my own hanging plant holders out of yarn, and started crocheting a kind of sleeve for one pot which is collecting dust somewhere. I also experimented with wire, and while the result of that first experiment was less than ideal, it’s something I want to go back to because I think it holds promise. But all of that background has been leading up to today’s project: macrame.

Wandering around the internet, I found a few tutorials for making macrame hanging plant pot holders and loved the idea of it. Many of the designs, I find too fussy and feel as if they distract away from the plant, which is really what I want to be the star. I also like that making these little plant pot nets, allows me to use pots that I already have, instead of going out and buying another pot specifically for hanging. Also, I can always change the pots or the plants out as needed or wanted. This design is visually simple and easy to make, which was important as this was the first time I’ve ever macramed and didn’t want something overly difficult. I used the easy to follow instructions from Green Village. The yarn is again the cotton Sugar’ n Cream, and for the most part I like how it turned out. It’s a bit too short still, too close to the ceiling, but now that I have the basic idea down behind how making one works, adapting it to make it longer and bigger should be simple. For future macrame hanging holders, I want to play around with making some icords out of crochet cotton threads and using strands of leftover yarns.

While on my macrame hunt today, I also found a cool pattern for making a hammock. Hammock! This might have to be a future project…

2 responses to “Hanging Projects

    • Thank you! I think it would be an incredibly fun and immensely satisfying project to do; my grandmother had oodles of hammocks hanging in the woods around her house when I was a kid and it was wonderful. Some of my best memories involve hammocks.

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