Ducky: Long Overdue

As a child, I remember laying on my stomach, my elbows digging into the carpeted floor and my chin cupped in my hands as light streamed through the vertical blinds of the sliding glass door at daycare. And my gaze was fixed to the television set, completely caught as Ducky cheered Littlefoot up and inspired the gang of tiny dinosaurs to go on, to keep looking for the Great Valley full of green leaves and their relatives in “The Land Before TIme”. I loved Ducky. She was cute and upbeat without being annoying and I wanted her to be my friend.

Fast forward oh, let’s say 22ish years to the latter part of 2012, when my friend, Nikki, was beginning to set up her fibery business, many of her supplies were stolen out of her car, and she was holding an indiegogo campaign to raise funds put her back up on two feet. And one of the contribution perks was a needle felted toy of your choice. So I requested Ducky, of course! Over the past year and a half, Nikki has chronicled her adventures with needle felting and has made some pretty impressive, wonderfully amazing things, which you may read about on her blog.

A few months ago (ok, more than a few, back in November), I collected my mail and there was a package from her. Excitedly, I tore into it, and inside I found Ducky! Along with a Knotty Narwhal tshirt (the name of Nikki’s company), a Knotty Narwhal button and sticker. Ducky is beyond fantastic and words alone cannot describe this, so now enjoy some photos of her.


1424349_644710064327_1673965666_n 1441278_644728846687_715221922_n
1453223_644729046287_221531808_n 1458424_644710393667_2088904090_n 1471837_644728941497_616557616_n

I love how Nikki was able to capture Ducky’s cheerful smile and how much detail went into her.

Thank you Nikki!

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