The Skirt That Isn’t…

A little while ago, I shared some then recent projects that I was working on and among them was one that I envisioned would be a skirt.

As I continued to work with this, and to fit it around my hips, I realized that I didn’t like how it looked as a skirt, didn’t like how it stretched around my wide hips and bum; I felt that it was accentuating in an unflattering way this area of my body. For a moment I considered frogging everything, and then had an ah-ha! moment: cardi/bolero/shoulder shrug type thing? So I threw what was on the needles across my shoulders and liked how it looked at that point, like a shawlette. But one thing that drives me nuts about shawls is being unable to close them and have sleeves. So while in front of my mirror, I stretched and pulled and temporarily pinned parts of the “skirt” to create sleeves and was in love. It was then that the decision was made that this would not be a skirt, that it would instead be a card/bolero/shoulder shrug type of thing. I finished knitting, bound off, blocked it, sewed the corner points to the middle of the back to create sleeves, and then decided that it still wasn’t finished, which is when I played around with the back a bit more to create a cool looking design. At this point, it could’ve been finished, and I could have left it as open- cardi, but I also like things to close and so spent a great deal of time in the local yarn and fabric shops button shopping until the perfect button was found. And now I have a cardi/bolero/shoulder shrug that began life as a potential skirt. And I’m thrilled. I was able to turn what was conceptualized as a skirt into the cardi because I was working it in short-rows that draped well across shoulders.

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